An In Depth Look At Counting Your Calories and Macros

It is important for you to understand that food is literally energy for us. It is our fuel and can literally change the way we look and perform with the right manipulation.

So lets get into it.. Any food that you will ever eat is made up of calories. A calorie is literally a measuring unit for energy. As human beings we require energy to do anything. Food is our energy. To even just exist let alone going for a run or going to the gym, we are using energy.
Now where do we get our energy from? When it comes down to it we are machines. Energy units for us are found in the food that we eat. We are a system. The food is our input. Our body’s digesting the food is our process and our output is how we perform or lose fat or gain muscle or whatever your goals might be from eating the foods you are eating.
The problem is most people don’t look at food this way. We are not really conditioned to. For most of us food is just random to enjoy and obviously survive.
So when someone puts on 20 pounds over a few years and they didnt want to it’s because they have been eating more calories than their body is burning.
So let’s say you eat an egg. One egg is 112 Calories
A calorie can be made up of one of three macro nutrients. What we call macro’s for short.
Heres where people get confused. Although a calorie is a calorie we need to understand that each macro has an effect and function in our body. So although the calories are there what they are made up of is important for functionality and purpose.
Protein – Recovers and Repairs Muscle Cells
Carbohydrate – Pulls water into our muscles
Fat – Regulates Hormones in the body
Excess Calories are stored as fat in our body.
An average pizza has: 1200 Calories
A Steak and Rice meal has: 600 Calories
A Lean Chicken breast and vege meal has: 300 Calories