Frequently Asked Questions


My Online Master Trainer is for anyone who wants to take their training to the next level or anyone who just wants more variety with their training. By signing up, each month you will get a new weights training program to follow along with full length tutorial videos of me running you through all the workouts in detail.

I have built my Online Master Trainer to cover your training completely so that all you have to focus on is doing the training!


By signing up to my Master Trainer you can access it anywhere you have an internet connection on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. I have built my Master Trainer to be compact and efficient in an impressive and functional digital format.

I have also made every single workout in the Master Trainer PDF downloadable right off your screen so that you can download and have your workouts saved and available to you even when you don’t have an internet connection!

Once I have signed up how do I access the Master Trainer?

Once you have an account simply click the Yellow Login Portal on the top right of this page.

What are the Main Goals of the Monthly Training Programs?

Muscle growth and performance. The main focus of the monthly training is for you to build a strong, athletic and functional physique through a solid combination of hypertrophy and strength based training. All of the weights training has been built to help you will build solid lean muscle to your physique.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Of course you can. The last thing I want is for you to be paying for something you don’t want to be paying for. Better yet I will keep all your month/months that you have paid for open for you to access still at any time in the Master Trainer Platform even with a cancelled subscription.

Is there an option for me to pause my subscription?

Yes you may pause your subscription at any time. I understand that sometimes you may want to have more time on a given training month to complete the training or maybe you have unlocked enough training months to keep you going for the next little while. Whenever you are ready to unlock a new training month again simply contact my team through your dashboard and we can get you back rolling from where you left off.

Do I need access to a Gym to use the Master Trainer

Yes. All workouts and exercises in the Master Trainer are based around access to a gym. To get the best results with your training I believe it is essential to have access to a gym and gym equipment.

Once I have paid for a month will I always have access to it?

Yes you will always get access to a training month or training months that you have unlocked even if you cancel or pause your subscription. You will however lose access to the Video Exercise Library, Stretch Library, Core Workout section, HIIT Workout section and Warmup Drill area.

Can I upgrade or downgrade between plans?

Yes you sure can! You can change between plans at anytime in your account dashboard